Torque Monitoring

In Line Pressure Relief (660713)

The inline pressure relief offers users the ability to monitor the torque on piles with ease and gives the installer the ability to add a safety point to avoid pile breakage. With two gauges the installer can monitor pressure to determine torque.

    • Pressure relief valve to prevent over installation or pile breakage
    • Two large gauges for easy monitoring
    • Easy setup and directions for use

Wireless Digital Torque monitor (1013WL)

The PierTech Europe wireless digital torque monitor uses pressure to calculate torque and gives a real-time digital display of torque, forward and back pressure, and differential pressure. This machine can hold the configurations for multiple drive heads for ease of transfer. Along with real-time tracking, the unit can store information that can be exported and given to a professional with time and torque tracking for accurate reporting.

    • Real-time pressure to torque calculations
    • Keeps a constant record of installation torque and pressure
    • Downloads directly to a computer for professional and accurate reporting

Intelli-Tork (TM-TT-45-4-15-5)

The PierTech Europe Intelli-Tork real torque monitor takes any guessing out of the equation. The monitor works by taking true torque readings from between the pile and drive head using strain gauge technology. It does not use hydraulic pressure, so it can be used on many different drives. The operator can see an accurate torque value and visually monitor the angle of installation on his smartphone or tablet (optional monitor available for purchase). The display offers the ability to download and send the torque logs, depths, and pile numbers in a detailed .csv format directly from the site. This monitor is the cutting-edge top of the line device and can win your projects.

    • Uses actual torque, no pressure gauges, for accurate readings.
    • Keeps torque in real time for operator to view.
    • Information can be emailed from the site.
    • The device comes calibrated with a certificate.
    • No pressure to torque calculations.
    • Inclinometer offers real-time monitoring of pile angle.
    • Sideloading and down pressure do not affect torque reading.