Push Piers

Push Piers are hydraulically driven sections of pipe that can be driven through unstable soil into load-bearing strata. Available in 73mm and 89mm shaft diameters, and are either 457mm or 915mm long. Push Piers can be galvanized or bare steel depending upon your requirements. The system is recommended when bedrock or load-bearing strata is close to the top soil. If you must penetrate layers of soil before loading bearing soil can be reached, we recommend using helical piers. Push Piers can be installed with lightweight, portable equipment when clearance issues prevent heavy-duty equipment from being used.

Push Pier Advantages:

  • High strength
  • Permanent foundation solution
  • No concrete needed
  • Fast and easy to install

The Push Pier System consists of:

  • PierTech Europe Push Pier Bracket
  • Hydraulic Push Cylinder
  • Round hollow shaft 73mm O.D. typical
  • Round hollow shaft 89mm O.D. typical


Besides world-class push piers, PierTech Europe manufactures the essential accessories for a proper installation. These include friction rings, angle caps, and Tru-Lift Brackets. For a complete line-up of all of our push pier equipment and accessories, please contact us.


  • A certified installation expert analyzes your building and soil types to determine the number of piers required.
  • Minor excavation work begins around the footer for each pier.
  • Push piers are driven into the ground next to the foundation.
  • Additional lengths of push piers may be used until proper depth has been reached.
  • A Tru-Lift Bracket is added to the piers.
  • Your home or building is hydraulically raised to the proper height.
  • Brackets are permanently attached to the building.
  • Excavation is backfilled, and landscaping is replaced.

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